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How To Overcome Jealousy With A Cheating Partner

How to overcome jealousy with a cheating partner is a question asked by so many people in the world who find themselves in this situation. If you have ever had your partner cheat on you, and you give them a second chance, then you should know that it can be really hard to get the trust back and not feel insecure when he/she is talking to other boys/girls. To avoid being jealous every time you see your partner talking to someone you have to try to regain the trust.

You actually need to realize that they are your partner for a reason – they want to be with you, NOT these other girls or boys you feel jealous over, and you can just be friends with the other sex without anything more. You will know that if you are friends with people of the other sex too.

Just remind yourself every now and again: they are yours, they have chosen to be with you, not any of the other people they speak to.

Overcoming jealousy in a relationship can be a trick thing, especially when the jealousy is coming from the fact that you see your partner talking so much the people/friends of the other sex. But you have to always consider: do you have any friends of the other sex too? If you do remember that you are JUST friends with them too. Jealousy is something that I’m sure everyone has – in fact there will always be a small degree of it, especially if you love someone dearly. You just have to make sure you are able to control it so it does not damage your relationship. The best way to overcome jealousy is to apologize to anyone you may have hurt (including your boyfriend) and try your best to overcome it. Just try to get used to the fact that everyone has friends that are different sex but it’s not a big deal.

Your jealousy is a sign of your own insecurity
You really have to consider the fact that your jealousy is only a sign of your own insecurity and stop punishing your partner for it. Start looking at yourself, trying to understand why you are feeling so insecure and try to deal with that instead. You could even ask your partner to help you.

Give complete trust
If there has ever been any case of cheating before, then you either have to trust your partner completely, or leave. If you truly believe “once a cheater, always a cheater” then leave now. But if you want to give this a real shot, stop your inquiries, stop speculating, stop agonizing. Seriously, When you start to obsess over these doubts, just tell yourself to stop, and distract your mind with something else. It’s like overcoming a bad habit.

In most cases the reason surrounding jealousy in a relationship are not always concrete. You have to ask yourself all the time: has your partner given you any good reasons to be jealous? If they have given you no reason to be jealous, it will really be unfair of you to punish your relationship with this negative energy. Plus, ironically, obsessing over the possibility of your partner cheating will weaken the bond between the two of you, and likely drive you apart. Your confidence, faith and positive attitude could do wonders to build a strong relationship.

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Having Trust In A Relationship To Stop Jealousy

In most cases, jealousy comes from trust issues. Having trust in a relationship can stop jealousy. If you don’t have trust in a relationship the other person will constantly think the worse and thus will be jealous. They will want to know everything and make sure you are not hiding anything from them. Just be open and let them know you care and love them and be understanding to their feelings!

The thing about jealousy is that it comes up without you really noticing it. It’s not something you can really get rid of. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to act on it. If other girls/boys keep trying to steal your boyfriend/girlfriend don’t give your partner any reason to want to leave you. You make him/her think that he/she is the lucky one and should be keeping an eye out for guys/ladies who are trying to steal you away from him/her. If he/she knows you’re afraid, then you’re not worthy of him/her, then maybe they’ll think twice about whether or not you are.
Fight for your man/woman. Don’t get jealous of no girl who wishes she had what you have.

Understand yourself enough to know what kind of guy/lady you need, not to feel jealous. Where individuals and finding the right one, not all people are the same; is part of the game. It’s hard not to feel jealous about someone who behaves in a way that would make you jealous. So when looking for a love one, try finding someone, who understands better how to keep you from feeling this way, – this again, is the name of the game.

Coming back to trust issues, if you really want to stop being jealous, you have to make an effort to trust each other. You just have to try to trust him/her and hope for the best. I don’t know who or how good of a person he/she is, but trusting him/her is the first step to solving your jealousy problem. In most cases, jealousy is connected to trust issues: It might be something in your past that has causes this… trust him/her as much as you trust yourself. I’m not saying be blinded by what he/she does, but give it a try. If you don’t have any solid evidence of him/her cheating and such, then you need to pretend he/she is like one of your good gentle male/female friends. Like they way you and your male/female friends talk and behave around each other, assuming that it’s appropriate, if not, then you won’t trust each other and that will not be good for your relationship.

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