Likelihood Of Getting Pregnant – Best Ways To Significantly Enhance Your Conception Odds, Even If You Are 40

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The rush and hassle world in which we live today makes most women to wait for some time to get pregnant and begin a family. This may be due to the fact that they’re trying to secure their careers or perhaps because they simply haven’t found the one they thing can be a good father for their kids.

Sadly for these older ladies, it’s a challenge to conceive after you’ve reached the age of thirty five and beyond. If you’ve been trying for the past 6 months but to haven’t yet had any good result, then you need to seek advice from your doctor. The probability of getting pregnant over forty maybe very low, but not impossible.

The aging of the physical body is inevitable, that’s the main reason why pregnancy over 40 is tough. To combat the “biological clock,” what you could do and should have been doing since you were young is to keep yourself fit and healthy. Being overweight or underweight has an effect on your probability of getting pregnant even if you are still in your 20s.

Choose healthy foods which are full of iron, take vitamins which have an adequate amount of folic acid as prescribed by your health care provider, and stay away from sweetened food and caffeine since these kind of foods have been connected to infertility problems in women. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are certainly out of the question. The suitable time for sexual intercourse is also crucial and it is very important to be aware of your ovulation period. Keep a fertility chart at hand and take note of your basal body temperature.

Pay attention to the issues which will arise from the chance of getting pregnant over the age of thirty five. Miscarriage is a twenty five percent risk, as well as excessive bleeding during delivery called the Placenta Previa; that’s the reason cesarean section is the option most used in these cases of late pregnancy. There might be prolonged labor and fetal distress especially if it’s the first pregnancy. the baby might have a low birth weight of less than 5 and a half pounds. There may be an incidence of Down syndrome that is 1 in 100 for 40 year old mothers because of the fact that the eggs have experienced more xrays, infections, and medicines than a younger woman’s eggs. Down Syndrome is not avoidable, but it can be identified during a prenatal exam.

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